Cannabis and meditation: Enhancing the mind-body connection

For millennia, people from various faiths, backgrounds and lifestyles have been using meditation to cultivate inner peace, manage stress and improve their connection to both their bodies and the planet we all call home. And while the idea is deceptively simple – not thinking of anything should be easy, right? – in practice, many people struggle to quieten their thoughts and maintain their focus. This is where conscious cannabis use can be a game-changer for those looking to invite a little more calm and connection into their lives.

Cannabis and meditation: Not a new combination

If you think that consuming cannabis and meditating is a new, decidedly Western concept, you couldn’t be further from the truth. In the Vedas, historical Hindu texts written around 1500BC, cannabis is listed as one of the five sacred plants, and is interwoven through their religious writings. With meditation being a central theme in Indian religions, and cannabis being recognised and celebrated as a holy herb, there is little doubt that people have been meditating while high for hundreds, if not thousands, of years.

How conscious cannabis use can elevate your meditation and daily practice

Cannabis, when used consciously, has many benefits that go far beyond recreational use. It can have a significant positive effect on your daily practice, creating deeper awareness and connection.

Reducing stress and anxiety

Conscious cannabis use can reduce the effects of stress and anxiety. When we are anxious or stressed, we tend to experience racing thoughts with our mind jumping from topic to topic, often with seemingly no connection (the Buddhists call this the ‘monkey mind’, using the metaphor of a monkey leaping from tree to tree to indicate this manic thought pattern). This naturally separates our mind and body, as our brain is so busy racing through thoughts and ideas that we lose touch with the sensations in our body. By using cannabis to reduce your stress and anxiety levels, you’ll be able to better focus on calming your mind, emptying your thoughts and listening to your body.

Bringing you into the present

Another feature of conscious cannabis use is the way it brings your mind into the present moment. Because of the way our brains are built, we are programmed to constantly look forward into the future and analyse what we should be expecting to happen next, while dissecting the past to make sense of our lives. Meditation requires you to be completely in the present, focusing on nothing but breathing and the sensations in your body – so cannabis is a natural ally in centering yourself. Even when used outside of meditation, conscious cannabis use is a powerful tool in bringing on a state of mindfulness, an awareness of the present moment that helps us stay centered and grounded.

Reinforcing your connection with your body

With a calm mind that is firmly rooted in the present moment, you will naturally begin to pay better attention to what your body is telling you. Some strains may even heighten these sensations, allowing you to access higher levels of awareness and further helping you stay focused and in the moment.

What strains are best for enhancing meditation?

There’s no wrong answer here – if you find that a certain strain or type of cannabis helps you access heightened awareness and deepens your mind-body connection, then that’s the one you should choose. However, if you’re new to cannabis or if you’ve never combined the two, we recommend choosing an indica-leaning hybrid strain for the calming, full-body effects. If possible, choose a strain that has high CBD levels, as this will further assist with lessening anxiety and enhancing relaxation.

How can I get started with conscious cannabis and meditation?

Firstly, we suggest you set up a quiet, relaxing space in which to enjoy your experience. This will help you focus and stay in the moment. Set and setting form an essential part of your experience.

Make sure you’ll be comfortable for the duration of your meditation, usually around 20 minutes. If you’re sitting on the floor, get a nice, big cushion; you can also sit on a chair or lie on a bed if you’d prefer.

Some people enjoy adding some meditation aids to their experience, such as incense, recordings of Tibetan singing bowls, etc. You can also follow a guided meditation if you’re unsure of how to proceed – there are many recorded guided meditations available for free online.

Next, you’ll need to decide when to consume your cannabis. Smoking beforehand sets a conducive mood for meditation, while smoking during your meditation allows you to slowly integrate the effects with your deepening meditative state.

If you opt to smoke beforehand, wait around 10-15 minutes after smoking before you start meditating to let the effects come on and settle in. If you’re ingesting your cannabis through edibles or oils, try and time it so that the effects kick in just before you start meditating. If you’d prefer to smoke during your meditation, make sure everything is ready for your conscious cannabis consumption.

Once everything is in place, it’s time to begin your meditative journey. Focus on your breath or use another meditation technique that you enjoy, guide your attention inwards and experience the healing benefits, enhanced by the grounding effects of conscious cannabis use.

Are you ready to enhance your mind-body connection with conscious cannabis use and meditation?

Head to the dispensary to begin your journey.