Your Cannabis community

Together we have formed a collective of proud and passionate cultivators and cannabis enthusiasts who believe in the power of this beautiful plant to provide a better quality of life for individuals and communities alike. A conscious model that supports and connects cultivators, patients, caretakers, artists, artisans and connoisseurs of fine organic cannabis. 

For thousands of years cannabis has been used by ancient cultures around the world for its diverse & profound connective and therapeutic properties.

With a strong future focus, our intention is to preserve passion, through the #consciouscannabis engagements that the Holy Basil framework enables.  

By cooperating collectively, as we do, we are able to grow your legal quota of four plants for you, for your lawful personal use in a private place. Nothing more, nothing less.

Members gain instant access to their share of cannabis from our large selection of organic flowers, oils and other extracts. 

When you’re ready to receive your share of the harvest, simply sign up, and log into our Holy Basil community website, and browse our dispensary page to see our current stock. Once you have chosen your share you can check out and pay your contribution towards the harvest of that product.

Your contribution to the Club is for the operational expenses incurred by the Club and the implementing agent, including IT, IP, R&D, logistics, overheads, maintenance and development. On receipt of your contribution, we will arrange a courier on your behalf to collect your harvest from our premises and deliver it to your door.

In joining the Holy Basil community you support a network of rural and small scale canna cultivators and creators. You also gain access to product education and therapeutic knowledge, news, grow tips, social platforms, events, yoga, health and wellness guidance as well as a community of like-hearted individuals. 

We take your privacy seriously. To protect your personal information our systems are fully POPI compliant.

Follow these links for more information on how it's legal or read our about us page to get a feel for our vibe.


Wellness & Experiential Events

Enjoy access to our exclusive wellness collaborations and Holy Basil Conscious Cannabis Experiential events. For further updates or information please follow us on instagram or through our monthly mailers. 

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Organic Cannabis - Flower

Enjoy access to a range of organic cannabis products crafted to the highest standards and with our ever expanding cannabis community in mind. All available through the online platform and delivered via your courier straight to your door. 

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Members only yoga with one of our favourite yogi's. Yoga sessions are relaxed and intended for a light to mild high.

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In addition to cannabis, we are growing food crops for the local community. As our club grows, we will utilize the same club resources to grow food for the greater community. We aim to provide education to the communities on sustainable organic farming.

 As a member you can sign up to assist with any social projects we are involved in. Let's prove that cannabis can positively  change the relationships we have with each other, and the land on which we depend.

Organic cannabis can be the cornerstone of a better South Africa.