How is this legal ?

By cooperating collectively, as we do, we are able to assist each club member to grow his or her legal quota of cannabis for his or her lawful personal use in a private place, in a fully legal manner. In this way, members of the club exercise and implement their constitutional rights to privacy. Nothing more, nothing less.

We are not trying to exploit some legal loophole or to bluff anybody; nothing that we say or do is illegal or underhanded.  We don’t need that – we have checked the proposed Bill very carefully, obtained legal advice thereon, and even adjusted our original constitution to ensure that we are (already) fully compliant therewith.  

We are confident that we are acting comfortably within our rights and that we are protected by law.   When your membership expires after a year, or if you decide to grow any cannabis additionally, or if you join another club, any cannabis that may have been cultivated, processed and/or stored for you by the Club will be forfeited.

Members must notify the club if they grow, or intend to grow any cannabis other than through the club. In such case, a member must  provide details of number of plants. Such member’s quota will immediately be adjusted in the club’s records. Failing to notify us, members may be held in breach of the club’s rules of conduct.

By co-ordinating members’ cultivation efforts and by keeping tabs on and regulating each member’s legal quota, the club aims to ensure that members always have a variety of strains and cultivars available to choose from.

So, when you’re ready to receive your share of the harvest, simply log in to our Holy Basil website, choose the strain you would like to enjoy, and pay your pro rata cash contribution to the club for the operational expenses incurred by the club and the implementing agent, including IT, IP, R&D, logistics, overheads, maintenance and development.

We are finally happy that we are LEGIT – so have one on us and enjoy! 

What are the club cultivation standards ?

We have implemented a seed to sale tracking system that enables us to track the growth our the clubs quota of plants. This makes our process audit-able, allows us to control for the crop quality and safety by monitoring processes, environment and plant stresses.  We are building and will publish a formal standard in the coming months, in the interim we are using a combination of GAP and EU organic cultivation standards to ensure safety of our crops. 

Speaking of organics, all cannabis is grown under these organic principles. 

use only organic inputs 
use only organic pest control 
minimize carbon footprint in supply chain
apply quality control frameworks
provide assurance

These rules are designed to promote environment protection, maintain the  biodiversity of Africa and build consumer trust in organic products.  These regulations govern all areas of organic production and are based  on a number of key principles, such as:

  • forbidding the use of ionising radiation;
  • forbidding  the use of artificial fertilisers, herbicides and pesticides;
  • prohibiting the use of chemical hormones

This means that organic producers need to adopt different approaches  to maintaining soil fertility and animal and plant health including:

  • crop rotation;
  • cultivation of nitrogen fixing plants and other green manure crops to restore the fertility of the soil
  • prohibition of use of mineral nitrogen fertilisers;
  • to reduce the impact of weeds and pests, organic farmers choose resistant varieties and breeds and techniques encouraging natural pest control

What if I want to grow my own?

Simply let the club steering committee know of your intention to grow via PM or email. We will remove your selected number of plants from our qouta and you can then legally continue cultivating your own. 


The club will facilitate collection by arranging your courier to collect your crop shares and deliver straight to your door.  If you are based in Gauteng your delivery should arrive within 1-2 working days. If you are based in a major centre outside of Gauteng your delivery should arrive within 2-3 working days. If you are in a regional area, please add 1-2 days onto the standard main centre transit times. You will always receive your tracking number in order to track your parcel and liase with the courier once it is en route to you. 

Why can't I pay with my bank card?

Its really early days for this industry, we aim to partner with companies that are comfortable with the legal position we have taken. Our bank has agreed to allow us to transact, unfortunately the payment processors have not. As such, we only accept EFT at this time. 

I'm seeing blank pages

If you are using a mobile device, the menu navigation icon is three horisontal lines on the upper right hand corner of the screen. When you click on it, it will show additional menu options.  The following pages are hidden from the public and are only visible to members who are logged in. 


If you are not logged in, you will see only a blank page. Please ensure that you have clicked on the activation link sent to your mailbox. The activation email loves hanging out in your spam folder so look there if you haven't recieved it within 1 hour. Once activativated, please login with your new password using the "little man" icon next to the shopping bag in the upper right hand side of your screen. 

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