How is this Legal?

By cooperating collectively, as we do, we are able to assist each club member to grow his or her legal quota of cannabis for his or her lawful personal use in a private place, in a fully legal manner. In this way, members of the Club exercise and implement their constitutional rights to privacy. Nothing more, nothing less.

We are not trying to exploit some legal loophole or to bluff anybody; nothing that we say or do is illegal or underhanded. We don’t need that – we have checked the proposed Bill very carefully, obtained legal advice thereon, and even adjusted our original constitution to ensure that we are (already) fully compliant therewith. We are confident that we are acting comfortably within our rights and that we are protected by law.

When your membership expires after a year, or if you decide to grow any cannabis additionally, or if you join another club, any cannabis that may have been cultivated, processed and/or stored for you by the Club will be forfeited.

Members must notify the Club if they grow, or intend to grow any cannabis other than through the Club. In such a case, a member must provide details on the number of plants. Such member’s quota will immediately be adjusted in the Club’s records. Failing to notify us, members may be held in breach of the Club’s rules of conduct.

By co-ordinating members’ cultivation efforts and by keeping tabs on and regulating each member’s legal quota, the Club aims to ensure that members always have a variety of strains and cultivars available to choose from.

Members pay a pro rata cash contribution to the Club for the operational expenses incurred by the Club and the implementing agent, including IT, IP, R&D, logistics, overheads, maintenance and development.

We are finally happy that we are LEGIT – so have one on us and enjoy!