About us

Holy Basil is the home of The South African Private Organic Cannabis Cultivators Association.  Otherwise known as The Grower's Club. "The Growers Club" was founded for patients, growers, artists, artisans and connoisseurs of the finest organic cannabis.

We have built a platform that connects growers and would-be growers that may not have a private space of their own, or have kids around. 

Our network of growers are cooperatively developing an organic cultivation standard that ensures the safety and quality of the product. This will enable you to find the strains you love and know the standards it will represent (i.e. safe, organic & dank!)

In order to offer safe and private access for members, we comply fully with the proposed new legislation. Our club is founded on sound legal principles, and enables you to fully exercise your constitutional right to cultivate cannabis for your enjoyment. We are audited (whilst fully protecting your privacy), we pay taxes and have bank approval. We hope that through transparency and cooperation with government, the cannabis industry can unlock the door to Africa's improved socio-economic future.

Members get access to news, grow tips, social forums, post-covid events, yoga, health and wellness professionals, and wait... one more thing.... Oh yeah! The best organic cannabis flower available anywhere!