About us

Holy Basil is the home of The South African Private Organic Cannabis Cultivators Association.  Otherwise known as The Grower's Club. 

This platform was built to connect growers and would-be growers that have children or may not have a private space or the know-how to grow on their own. Functioning like a cooperative, we work with growers from all over South Africa to cultivate our members quota of private use cannabis and facilitate the distribution of our members own cannabis to them for their private use.

Our network of passionate growers are co-operatively developing an organic cultivation standard that minimises harm to the environment and ensures the safety and quality of the products that they produce. This enables you to find the strains you love and know the standards they will represent (i.e. safe, organic & superior in quality and experience). These methods naturally bring out the full potential of these beautiful plants. You can smell, taste, and feel the difference of organically grown cannabis. 

Our conscious community model not only empowers rural and small scale growers around South Africa, but also preserves their passion for what they do. Where the intention of therapeutic cannabis and its undeniable value, translates into deeper connection to self, each other and one's environment. 


  • Grounded in Wellness 
  • People Centered 
  • Community orientated
  • Consciously Collaborative
  • Quality Focused 
In order to offer safe and private access for members, we comply fully with the proposed new legislation. Our club is founded on sound legal principles, and enables you to fully exercise your constitutional right to cultivate cannabis. We are audited (whilst fully protecting your privacy), we pay taxes and have bank approval. We hope that through transparency and cooperation with government, the cannabis industry can unlock the door to Africa's improved socio-economic future. Socially-conscious movements that can support thriving communities through responsible policy-making and collaborative community efforts.