Different ways to smoke cannabis: Inhale & Exhale

When inhaling cannabis, all the active compounds are absorbed into the bloodstream through the lungs. This is the quickest and most common way to get these much-beloved cannabinoids into your system.

The effect is almost instantaneous, making it the go-to for cannabis users looking for a quick high or therapeutic dose. inhalation can be done through smoking or vaping this beautiful plant.

Joints, sometimes referred to as cannabis cigarettes are the classic cannabis consumption method of choice. A joint consists of ground dry flower rolled in smokable rolling paper.

Similar to joints, blunts involve rolling ground flower in a blunt wrap or emptied cigar.

Vaporisers can be used with both concentrate and dry flower. Cannabis is added to a heating chamber, the temperature is adjusted, and the vapor is inhaled through the mouthpiece. Vaporisers come in both tabletop and portable versions.

Vape pens are specifically designed for oils or distillates. These nifty devices are made up of a cartridge, which contains the cannabis oil or distillate, and a battery, which provides the heat.

Dabbing is a method of vaporising cannabis concentrate using a dab rig, which entails heating a glass, ceramic, or titanium “nail” and applying the concentrate directly to the hot surface, which turns it into vapour for you to inhale. 

One of the most common smoking tools, the pipe allows you to smoke on the go without additional materials beyond your dry flower, pipe, lighter or match.

The bong, or water pipe, allows you to filter your cannabis smoke through water.


Image: Courtesy of @bambashkart.