How do you know when you're high?

With this beautiful plant finding it's way into many new homes, there are those who are trying cannabis for the first time. This begs the question – how do you know when you’re high?

For some, their first smoking experience is underwhelming as they don’t seem to feel anything. This is common, as many first time smokers don’t know to inhale all the way into their lungs.

Once you have mastered this, or have consumed cannabis in a different form (i.e edible or tincture), these are some of the tell tale signs that you're on the cannabis "high-way".

Your senses seem different: Lights may be a little brighter and colours more brilliant.

You feel physically different: Your body may feel lighter and more supple or heavier and more lethargic.

Your perception of time seems to change: You may find yourself deeply focused on an activity, only to look up and realise that a large amount of time has passed. Or just the opposite, a process that seems like it should have taken longer seems to fly by. 

The cannabis giggles: You suddenly find things ridiculously funny or you experience some form of emotional shift.

Munchies: You suddenly want to eat everything in your kitchen and/or fridge.

Relaxation: One of the greatest signs that you’re high is often a sense of complete relaxation – all you want to do is chill. 

Lastly one of our favourite things about cannabis is the connection it ourselves, our world and each other. 

Image courtesy of: @circlestances