Nature loves cannabis

Cannabis and nature are the perfect pair and facilitate a beautiful connection between you & the organic landscapes you traverse.

Below you’ll find some tips & suggestions to help you in being prepared for a safe and enjoyable experience: 

Know your route: Make sure to take note of natural landmarks along your route to avoid getting lost or having to retrace your steps. Have a hiking buddy with you & bring a topography map or some form of GPS. 

Leave no trace: If you are walking on private property and enjoying your cannabis on your trail, remember to throw away all rubbish including your extinguished cannabis butt. No one wants to walk and see rubbish on their trail while appreciating all the beauty that nature has to offer. 

Be respectful of other hikers: Not everyone enjoys cannabis so be mindful of this when smoking, especially near crowds and children. 

Be mindful of your use of heat & fire: This is very important in Gauteng in winter. We’ve all seen the burnt grassy areas alongside our roads and the devastation one of these fires can cause. Be really mindful in tossing your cannabis butt that you thought was out, this action could have a devastating effect on a dry ecosystem.

Edible gummies are a great alternative to smoking. Just make sure to be very clear on your dosage levels. Less is more, especially if you are going to be waking/hiking. Also remember the timing aspect. It can take up to two hours for edibles to take effect so make sure to plan your timing accordingly. It’s also never advisable to drive while under the influence, so best to have such an experience during a weekend away in nature. 

Make sure to have enough water: Always bring extra water, especially if you are pairing your adventure with cannabis. When consuming cannabis dehydration (dry mouth phenomenon) can set in, so it’s vital to have enough water. It’s also valuable to bring a filtration device so that you can filter natural water if need be. 

Lastly, enjoy the beautiful combination of nature and cannabis!