The beauty of yoga and cannabis

With so many amazing benefits we can highly recommend a yoga session to help you flow through your week. And what better combination than plant medicine, movement & breath.


- develops strength, balance & flexibility

- facilitates relief from back pain 

- great for your overall heart health 

- relaxes you, allowing for better sleep 

- gives you more energy & elevated moods

- helps you manage stress 

- connects you with a supportive community

- promotes self-care

Yogis have been using herbs to compliment their practice for millennia. Doing so not only creates a beautifully mindful experience, but allows you to access intuitive flows that come straight from your heart centre without the added layer of "mind". 

If you would like to experience this beautiful combination with are some top tips: 

- Yoga pairs well with a hybrid, such as Blue Dream or London Cookies, however, pairing with a familiar strain that you are comfortable with is also recommended.  

- Know & respect your consumption limits ~ it's always best to start low and go slow. A micro-dose level may be all you need. 

- Always have a glass of water ready so that you can stay hydrated throughout & after your session. 

- Allow yourself to enjoy and explore the softer, more intuitive side of yoga. Remember to move consciously through any postures that require a lot of coordination and always move within your comfort levels. 

- Lastly, take a moment to enjoy your state of awareness, not only in your heightened senses but also in your deeper connection to self.